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Distribution of sialoglycoconjugates in the oviductal isthmus of the horse during anoestrus, oestrus and pregnancy: a lectin histochemistry study

S Desantis, F Acone, A Corriero

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  • F Acone
    Affiliation not present.
  • A Corriero
    Affiliation not present.


The distribution of sialic acid residues as well as other glycosidic sugars has been investigated in the horse oviductal isthmus during anoestrus, oestrus and pregnancy by means of lectin and pre-lectin methods. Ciliated cells and non-ciliated (secretory) cells exhibited different lectin binding profiles that were found to change during the investigated stages. Ciliated cells did not show any reactivity in the basal cytoplasm, while the supra-nuclear cytoplasm displayed a few of oligosaccharides with terminal and internal amannose (Man) and/or aglucose (Glc) during oestrus and pregnancy and a moderate presence of oligosaccharides terminating in afucose (Fuc) during oestrus; cilia exhibited a more complex glycoconjugate pattern for the presence of oligosaccharides terminating in N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc), GalNAca1,3 GalNAca1,3galactose(Gal)b1,4Galb1,4N-acetylglucosamine( GlcNAc), Fuc, sialic acid (Neu5Ac)-aGalNAc belonging or not to the GalNAca1,3GalNAca1,3 Galb1,4 Galb1, 4GlcNAc sequence, and.aGalNAc and Neu5Aca 2,6Gal/GalNAc increased during oestrus. Cilia displayed terminal Galb1,3 GalNAc in pregnancy, terminal aGal in anoestrus and pregnancy and terminal or internal D-GlcNAc during anoestrus and pregnancy, respectively. The whole cytoplasm of non-ciliated cells showed oligosaccharides terminating with aGalNAc, Neu5Aca2,6Gal/GalNAc, Neu5Ac GalNAca 1,3GalNAca1,3Galb1,4Galb1,4GlcNAc during the investigated stages, as well as GlcNAc in anoestrus and pregnancy. The supra-nuclear zone of non-ciliated cells exhibited oligosaccharides with terminal Galb1,4GlcNAc and internal Man during oestrus and pregnancy as well as terminal aGal and Fuc in oestrus and Neu5Ac-Galb1,3GalNAc in pregnancy. The luminal surface of non-ciliated cells showed glycans terminating with aGalNAc and/or Neu5Ac GalNAca1,3 GalNAca1,3Galb1,4Galb1,4GlcNAc in all specimens, oligosaccharides with terminal Galb1,4GlcNAc and internal Man during oestrus and pregnancy, Neu5Ac a2,6Gal/GalNAc in anoestrus and oestrus, and glycans terminating with Galb1,3GalNAc, Neu5A aca2,3 Galb1, 4GlcNac, Neu5ac- Galb1,3GalNAc, Neu5Ac-Galb1,4 GlcNAc in pregnancy. These findings show the presence of sialoglycoconjugates in the oviductal isthmus of the mare as well as the existence of great modifications in the glycoconjugates linked to different physiological conditions.

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Submitted: 2009-06-29 12:07:38
Published: 2009-06-29 14:01:10
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